Customized Career Pathway Development

Customized Career Pathway Development

Customized Career Pathway Development Customized Career Pathway Development Customized Career Pathway Development

We partner with leaders in Education & Workforce Development to re-engineer their Talent Ecosystem

Soft Skills Certification

Soft Skills Certification

Soft Skills CertificationSoft Skills CertificationSoft Skills Certification

We help prepare students for Industry Opportunities with our Blended Learning Curriculum 

Dr. Terrence S. Robinson  

is featured as a thought leader for Building out Career Pathways and Equity & Inclusion

Strategic Leaders

Strategic Leaders

Strategic LeadersStrategic LeadersStrategic Leaders

Dr.Terrence S.Robinson with Paolo DeMaria,Ohio's Superintendent of Public Instruction discussing Career Pathway options in OH

Congresswoman Marcia L. Fudge's 2nd Annual NEOSTREAM conference Keynote  Panel speakers discussing Regional Strategy

Dr. Terrence S. Robinson, Ideastream Staff and Merle Johnson, Elected State School Board Member discussing Career  Pathways

Documentary :A Career Path Less Taken

Dr. Terrence S. Robinson implores us to build out Structured Career Pathways while also embedding Equity & Inclusion in our strategies. 

 The Career Path Less Taken is developed by ideastream, CET, WOSU with support from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and is part of the national initiative American Graduate: Getting to Work. 

Success In the New Economy

College is not for all , but SUCCESS should be! Graduating High School with marketable skills and Industry Credentials is the way to prepare the Talent Pipeline that organizations need! - Dr. Terrence S. Robinson

“Our system is broken! What it will take to fix it, is redefining the purpose of education in our current economy.” - Dr. Terrence S. Robinson, Vice President of Workforce Systems Design

City Club of Cleveland on Talent Pipeline Solutions

April 2018

Check out Dr. Terrence S. Robinson as he shares ideas around talent pipeline strategy and where we go from here.

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